3.5% hourly forever

Minimum deposit:$1

Maximum deposit:$10 000

Total return:3.5% hourly

14% hourly for 10 hours

Minimum deposit:$1

Maximum deposit:$10 000

Total return:140%

170% after 1 day

Minimum deposit:$10

Maximum deposit:$10 000

Total return:170%

575% after 3 days

Minimum deposit:$25

Maximum deposit:$10 000

Total return:575%


Deposit Amount


Total Return


Total Profit


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Total deposited: $304924.29  Total withdrawn: $283102.08 Total Members:1284 Running Days: 32  Visitors online: 5 Last update: Mar 22, 2019

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This system and approach to investing can fit everyone’s personality or lifestyle. This is a system for active investors, although you certainly don’t have to spend a ton of time at the computer to use it. Invest hard to live the dream of working from home. We are extremely dedicated to helping others in their path to financial independence and freedom that can be achieved from successful home-based investing.

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