UltimateCoin and me; will it last forever? Here is why you have to invest now!
We will address a question asked by many investors: how long will you last? We have our goals set straight at UltimateCoin. We will stop accepting new deposits after 30 days. The reason why? Well, UltimateCoin is a start-up funded by the capital of the six founding fathers of the company. After 30 days we will have collected enough funds to start working on our own without external funding. Right now we give a part of our percentage to you and the other investors. Thanks to the investors' money we can make higher profits which benefits both parties.

However, it would be better for us if we wouldn’t need to stick to a certain percentage so we can focus more on taking risks. But as we have just started, we just do not have enough capital yet. We focus now on risk-free investments so we can pay out our investors daily and even hourly. Today is February 22nd, our fourth day in business, so after 26 days, on March 18th we will no longer accept new deposits. We will work with the ones we have and once they are all paid out, we will rebuild the platform.

So if you want to profit with us, you better do it now!

Feb-22-2019 11:35:54 AM
800 members in 3 days! Welcome all!
A lot of investors ask us what we exactly do. As we like to keep things simple and fast, we will explain it in only a few words. Among other things, we invest in the world's most sought-after assets — from companies that you know and which products you use daily to major currency pairs and our traders' favourite ETFs.

So how can you guys realize these insane profits? By simply being the ultimate best in what we do! Every percentage we can grab, we take it. There is no trade too fast or too slow for us. In the end, all small percentages make for one huge percentage! And that is what we share with you guys. We have just surpassed 800 members in 3 days. Thank you for your trust in UltimateCoin! Now that you are part of the team, you are the ultimate best! Let’s keep on earning big time!
Feb-21-2019 04:51:35 PM
Server issues FIXED
Hello everyone!
Another day at the Ultimate earning platform and we come bearing great news! As you have noticed in the last days, our website has had some 504 error from time to time. We have been tweaking a little bit with the server to improve speeds for our dear investors. And we are proud to say that we have finished adjusting the settings now and everyone can enjoy a …
…smooth, fast, reliable and most of all ultimately PROFITABLE server with no downtime!

Feb-21-2019 04:31:36 AM
Why invest in UltimateCoin?
Our view is that it’s better investing in a system that ACTUALLY WORKS, supported by people that will ACTUALLY HELP YOU get the most out of your investments. But then you would say that kind of system probably doesn’t exist in the high yielding investment world – or does it?

Yes, you guessed it, that’s PRECISELY the vision we had when we created the UltimateCoin platform for people just like YOU! We were fed up of ridiculous promises, cheap, ineffective systems that only paid 1 time a day (and they couldn’t even do that right) or not at all! So, we put together a team of amazing traders that actually work together, work in virtually ANY tradable market, and then offered their expertise to make a profit for people just like you.

So, rather than go off and waste another 100 bucks for another empty promise (for the 100th time), why don’t you do something REAL for yourself and for your trading future by joining UltimateCoin and getting REAL value for your investment of time and money?

Feb-19-2019 04:33:37 PM
Hello and welcome to the culmination of a lifetime of trading experience…welcome to ULTIMATECOIN!

If you want to simply deposit once, and enjoy the system for the rest of your life, this solution is for you.
If you want to reduce your risk by withdrawing your profit every hour, this solution is for you.
If you want to be independent and work from home, this solution is for you.
If you want freedom…
…invest in UltimateCoin!
Feb-17-2019 02:27:11 PM

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